MAC Lucky Green dupe

So I was playing with my makeup this morning and going through some eyeshadow palettes I had and accidentally found a perfect dupe for MAC eyeshadow “lucky green”:)

MAC eyeshadow lucky green(Right) and dupe eyeshadow(Left)

 So the dupe for Lucky green is a single eyeshadow that is sold by BH Cosmetics.

This is a picture of back of the eyeshadow and the shade is BHCS17

And here are the swatches of two eyeshadows

Left: BH Cosmetics single eyeshadow shade (BHCS17)

Right: MAC eyeshadow shade (Lucky Green)

So as you can see, they are almost 100% same colors and they are both pigmented so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a single eyeshadow, get this eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics and save your money:)

Here is the link to get this BH cosmetics single eyeshadow

You can get this single eyeshadow from BH Cosmetics for only US$3.95 but looks like they are doing a sale right now they are selling single eyeshadows for only US$2.57 each:)

If you get the MAC eyeshadow, it will cost you about US$14.50 😛


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I love to draw, paint, cook, take photography, go shopping, travel and makeup. I like finding new things in life and share my life story, things I like and makeup.

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